Friday, 2 October 2009

Les jardins d'Eole opened in 2007. It's one of our favourite spot in Paris, really close from home. The garden was built above railways and we can still see part of them, creating an interesting contrast with picturesque Montmartre in the background.
It is a highly environmentally friendly garden that takes into account the diversity of the uses of the air, water and soil while preserving them. It's a pesticide and fertiliszer free environment. The meadow is scyted and the leaves kept in the flower beds. All wastes are recycled. A shared garden has been created for the cityzens to come and experiment with eco friendly practices.

These new ecological policies have changed somewhat the parisian landscapes. Less and less red and yellow well aligned tulips, more and more wild, natural looking bushes! Photos by Clarisse Demory.

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  1. cool. we need more of that. and how lucky for you to have such a space in your neighbourhood.

    i wonder what the story behind that eiffel tower is?